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Here is the English version of my great best-seller "Le Petit Livre de Joshua".

Born in Québec, Marjolaine Caron has written in her native language « Le Petit Livre de Joshua »,an initiatory novel. This vibrant narrative was inspired by the successive passing of her mother, her two brothers and of her best friend. Published in 2004, it has since touched the hearts of more than a hundred thousand Québec readers.
The author's recognized medium gift has been in the service of persons in mourning since 1992. This messenger of the hereafter indulges us with her teachings in this strong and lively English version. She profoundly wishes this healing story touches your heart and enlightens your soul.

Joshua's Precious Book reminisces the childhood and the young adult life of Joshua, a predestined being, gifted with exceptional medium capacities. Filled with synchronicity and unsettling twists and turns, this touching story illustrates in luminous fashion that we are spiritually guided, that grace is omnipresent and that death is a transition towards a new form of life. In today's anguished and tormented period, Marjolaine Caron offers us here an eloquent and touching message of hope and love.